Dream Journal 2

Entry 1: November 23, 2012

The Moby Dick Dream

            My dream today was that my father and I were riding on a boat somewhere in the middle of the ocean when we accidentally hit a whale with the side of our boat. The whale had a big wound by its right side and the whale was flipping over as if it was loosing consciousness. What I remember is that, my dad and I were huge like giants and we just hand-carried it from the ocean to a huge tank filled with salt water and to our surprise, the wound on the whale disappeared and it kept on moving inside the tank, blowing up water from its blowhole as if nothing happened. As I looked at the edge of the tank, people were coming over and were sitting on bleachers by the tank, they were cheering and were entertained by the whale.

Entry 2: November 24, 2012

The Paper

             My dream today was that I was holding a piece of paper with things written on it which I presume, my doing. As I looked at the paper at my hand, the thought of the beach came to my mind. I saw white sand, cattail grass, and the ocean in the horizon. It is just a feeling of pure peace as the cool oceanic breeze comes rushing through. My thoughts came back to the paper that I was holding, I mood suddenly, I felt as though a battle is taking place within me from which I had to choose a side whether to burn the paper that I was holding or to keep it and lock it up. I don’t remember which side I chose but I know that the things written on that paper was about me and my feelings which are too hard to keep to myself.

Entry 3: November 25, 2012

Scrolls, Interpretation needed

            My dream today was that I was in the each when I stumbled upon a folded cloth on the white sand; the cloth looked old and worn out because of its dirty white coloration. As I unfolded it, I saw sealed 3 scrolls inside it which are colored red, green, and blue; I never got to see what was inside them because I woke up before I got the chance to do so but I guess they might have a meaning of some sort that just need to be interpreted.

Entry 4: November 26, 2012


            My dream today was a very short one or it could be just that I don’t remember the rest of it. The setting was in the beach again near the tree line of coconuts and it was sun set where I saw from a distance a trolley with something on it. Out of curiosity, I went near it and as I looked at it closely, it looked like the trolley has a big battery on it, twice as large as a regular car’s battery. I saw myself scanning every detail of the battery then suddenly, I read a very familiar label written on the battery and it says “SONY.” It reminded me of a news that I heard a few days before I had this dream that SONY will be selling their battery business to another company.

Entry 5: November 27, 2012


            As I woke up in the morning staring up at the ceiling, I remembered a close friend of mine that I haven’t seen or heard for a couple of months. It made me think of how important it is to keep our relationships stronger so as to avoid it from withering away into mere nostalgic memories. If ever it would be unavoidable, dedicate an effort to reconnect with these people who occupies or is a part of our lives for they help shape who we are and they make living in this chaotic world worth while.

Entry 6: November 28, 2012

A Premonition?

            A few days from now would be the “Handog ng SLU sa Baguio” at the Melvin Jones Soccer Field, Burnham Park which probably affected my dream today. I remember seeing myself running early in the morning while its still dark winning the 10 Km trail the “Run for Hope activity.” I don’t remember much but I just saw myself overtaking everybody on the way and after that I just saw myself running around the Pacdal Circle before heading on down the track going to Lake Drive where the finish line is located and before I knew it, I saw myself going past the finish line with several people on tow.

Entry 7: November 29, 2012

The Sleep Over Effect

            Today I went on a sleep over at my friend’s house, I’ve never heard and seen this friend of mine for a while which must have had an effect on my dream while I was sleeping at his house. My dream was so peaceful that night even though all I saw was myself lying down on the ground staring up at the clouds moving sluggishly behind it was the wide blue sky. I remember also feeling the warm breeze making the grass, trees, and flowers dance around me with a glistening stream a few feet in front of me. As I stared at the sky a little longer, I looked on to the horizon and saw buildings and silhouettes of different shapes cast by the rays of the setting sun beyond the horizon.

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Piece by Piece

             Our lives are like a Jigsaw puzzle because we always try to find people who could fill up the empty space within ourselves. Sometimes, we find someone who we think could do it but when we try it on, it would not fit. Sometimes we give up looking for that missing piece that it becomes harder/ impossible to find. The size or shape of each puzzle piece are different, some are larger while others are smaller. When some pieces take up more space than others, it looks like nothing is different if one should remove the smaller ones. This is very apparent in friends, when someone or a group hordes all the attention of another or these person or group is treated a more important than the rest. One must piece together his life that all of the pieces are in harmony to create a beautiful image of himself.

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2 in1

            Today, my dream was that I was in some sort of room and the power was out. This room was like a kitchen with its cupboard, sink, dinner table, etc. In the room were 2 doors, one leads to the dark living room and the other leads to a dim room full of crypts lit by a torch. I wasn’t alone in the room, I was with a couple of my friends, although I cannot name them because it’s hard to remember. We only had 3 candles which burn out every few minutes and it takes a few minutes again before we will be able to start again. Somehow I didn’t feel scared, even with the thought of something scary coming from the living room or the reality that one door leads to a mausoleum full of dead people probably because I was with my friends which makes these things something that are just bizarre and not something to be feared.

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Love under the Evergreen

            My dream today was that I was sitting on a cement bench on the grounds of the Elementary School I graduated from and I was staring at the third cement bench from my left where I saw my friend kissing his crush under the shade of an evergreen tree. Moments later, my peripheral vision caught a glimpse of two shadows behind the couple and then I recognized them, it was my other friend making out also with his crush. I was a sunny day at that time and the evergreen tree’s shadow pointed to the west and as I followed the tree’s shadow with my eyes while sitting, I saw my crush approaching me. I just looked at her in awe and as she sat down beside me, I froze but as she started to talk I started to thaw and slowly I begun responding to her. This was as far as I can remember about this dream.

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Multimedia Man

            I didn’t have any dream in the night before or I can’t remember. In one of my classes, I realized that humans are the best or the perfect multimedia capturing device compared to the camera which could take pictures or videos or other devices, these only preserve the moment visually, etc. but humans could take it deeper. Humans are able to preserve within them all the emotions, passion, etc. within that moment and are able to relive them in their memory. Humans could also be changed by these experiences or moments in time and these experiences are then immortalized in the words of books and other outlets of human emotion. Humans are mere witnesses of what time brings or of history in the making from the forces of the universe which includes their own deeds. What only remains is that whether this hard-wired ability within would only be used to spare the memory from being thrown down the abyss or does it have to do with something more but, for the moment, its too soon to say.

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A Ghost Town

            My Dream today was that I was in the house of a relative which was usually occupied only for a few days in a year. This house is located several blocks from my house. In my dream, the neighborhood or the place was like a ghost town. We were 3 in the dream. I couldn’t quite make out who the other 2 was. We were walking on the pathway towards the house when suddenly, this strange guy dressed in a green polo, black fur coat, green checkered skirt, a pair of black rubber boots, and a fur winter cap pops out of nowhere and gleefully telling us to scavenge or salvage anything useful while he was prancing out of view. That’s how far I can remember about my dream for today.

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A Midnight Chat

            My dream today was that I was lying on my bed with my youngest brother talking about ghosts and scary stuff while we were looking at the stairs by my room’s door which leads to the dark kitchen downstairs. We were feeling as though someone was just by the door just waiting to show itself or hurl itself towards us. I also remember my brother asking me something personal but I’m just not sure what it was but I remember myself being defensive about it.

            After this dream, I woke up and stayed awake for several minutes before resuming with my slumber only to have another dream but I could only remember about 5 seconds of it. I remember myself wearing a tuxedo in which I handcuffed some guy to a chair and pushed him through a velvet curtain only to find myself with 2 girls who don’t look familiar to me who were wearing black blazers, white blouses, black slacks, and black shoes. We were inside of something like a back stage just behind the velvet curtain, the girl from my right suddenly started talking but I couldn’t make out what she was saying but then she suddenly stopped as though she ran out of words before reading a piece of parchment which looked like a script. A man suddenly appeared out of nowhere outside the window in the middle of the room with a headphone and a lapel microphone on. He was acting as though he was dictating what the girl on my right was supposed to say and that’s how far I could remember about my second dream.

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This is a homeless guy who lives on a bridge in Dublin City. Last week his rabbit was grabbed from him and thrown into the river below.. the River Liffey. Which is one of the most horrible rivers in Ireland. The currents are really strong and it’s filthy.. Anyway, as soon as the rabbit hit the water this guy was already hurdling off the bridge and towards the freezing river to save her. After hitting the water and successfully locating her, he proceeding to pump air back into her, making her regain consciousness and basically come back to life. I was talking to him today along with another woman and she asked “Why in the name of God did you jump into the water? Did you not think about it?!” and straight away he replied with “No. I didn’t stop to think. I just jumped. It was an instinct.. I needed to save her.”
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